Amputee Care: How to Care for Your Limbs

Amputee Care: How to Care for Your Limbs

As you recuperate at home or a nursing home in Oxnard, California, proper limb care is vital for an amputee. Otherwise, infection and abrasion may occur, causing you to be unable to use a prosthesis for some time. With proper limb care, you can ensure your mobility as you wear your prosthetics.

In caring for your limbs, here are some tips that you and your provider of healthcare in California should remember:

  • New amputees should take their bath or shower at night instead of in the morning. The limb swells as it soaks in hot water and when it dangles during and after a shower. As you get used to your condition, it will no longer be necessary to limit your bathing time to only at night.
  • Never use your crutches’ handle piece as a resting place for your residual limbs. You must rest them in a more comfortable and safer position.
  • If you have a below-knee amputation, don’t put a pillow under your knees when sitting or sleeping. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to straighten your knee over time.
  • For above-knee amputees, don’t rest your limb on a pillow. Otherwise, you won’t be able to straighten your hips completely.

Conejo Valley Congregate Healthcare, Inc. promotes quality amputee care. Whether you opt to rest at home or at one of the best assisted living facilities nearby, take note of these tips above after an amputation surgery. Also, don’t hesitate to look for us if you want to make lifestyle changes or if you need help adapting to your condition.

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