Common Causes for Heavy Breathing in Older Adults

Common Causes for Heavy Breathing in Older Adults

Heavy breathing is common after one is engaged in physical activities. However, some older adults suffer from heavy breathing even when they haven’t physically exerted themselves. This case isn’t limited to older adults in a nursing home in Oxnard, California. Even healthy adults can succumb to heavy breathing, and these are some of the common causes:

  • Overheating or Fever
    When the body gets too hot, it will demand more oxygen supply. Only through breathing heavily can it take in more oxygen, and thus help in cooling down the body. If your breathing slows down after a few deep breaths, then it should be okay. Otherwise, seek medical care, especially when symptoms such as dizziness and confusion occur.
  • Infection
    Some infections or illnesses can cause heavy breathing. These include sinus infection, influenza, pneumonia, common cold, and bronchitis. After proper healthcare in California, these infections or illnesses should go away, resolving any breathing issues you may have.
  • Cardiovascular Health
    If your cardiovascular health is not good, then it is no wonder that you will suffer breathing difficulties. Heart infection, a blood clot in the lungs, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, and obstructive sleep apnea are just some of the cardiovascular issues that can trigger heavy breathing. You need to seek medical attention or persistently adhere to your prescription to improve your cardiovascular health and deal with breathing difficulties.

Conejo Valley Congregate Healthcare, Inc. prioritizes health above all else. If you need assistance with older adults in assisted living facilities who are experiencing respiratory difficulties, then we are here to help. Call us so we can lend a hand.

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