Common Types of Open Wounds

Common Types of Open Wounds

If you are a senior living at a nursing home in Oxnard, California, then an open wound should not be a problem for you. After all, you have a caregiver who can clean, disinfect, and dress the wound as soon as possible. An open wound can be easily treated without a doctor’s help, unless if it is caused by a serious accident.

When it comes to open wounds, there are common types worth mentioning. These are:

  • Abrasion
    This type of open wound occurs when the skin gets scraped or rubbed against a hard surface. Although it won’t bleed out a lot, it still requires thorough scrubbing and cleaning to avoid wound infection.
  • Puncture
    Long, pointy objects like needles can leave small holes in the body. These holes are called punctures. Major puncture wounds may not bleed much, but it can damage the internal organs. On the other hand, if you have a small puncture wound, you may need to get a tetanus shot.
  • Laceration
    Tears or deep cuts on your skin are called lacerations. They can be caused accidentally by machinery, tools, or knives. Depending on the degree of laceration, you may bleed out a lot, requiring proper wound dressing and healthcare in California.
  • Avulsion
    Violent accidents, such as explosions and gunshots, can cause avulsion. This type of wound is the complete or partial tearing away of the skin, including the tissues lying underneath. Immediate medical attention is required for this type of open wound.

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