Helping Seniors Maintain Good Nutrition

Helping Seniors Maintain Good Nutrition

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is practicing good eating habits. But in some cases, especially to seniors who are facing a variety of changes as a result of aging, achieving a healthy and balanced diet can be a challenge.

It is for this reason why seniors are susceptible to malnutrition. To address this risk, our nursing home in Oxnard, California offers nutritional care services.

Good nutrition is important at any age. It impacts health in several ways. That is why, here at Conejo Valley Congregate Healthcare, Inc., we highly value senior nutrition. Together with our licensed dieticians, we create nutritional meal plans that are in accordance with their specific dietary needs and restrictions.

Our assisted living facilities provide places where they receive the right nutrition they need to improve their health and well being. We make healthy eating for seniors easy and without a hassle by serving meals and snacks with high nutritional value on a regular schedule to allow proper digestion. Not only do we serve healthy foods, but we also make sure to make it as appetizing as it is so seniors would eat without second thoughts.

Eating healthy helps seniors achieve a longer and healthier life. And that’s what our healthcare in California strives for – to provide nutritional care services for seniors to experience the best quality of life possible. For more details about this service, visit our website or contact us now!

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