Osteoporosis: Improve Bone Health Through Food

Osteoporosis: Improve Bone Health Through Food

Osteoporosis is a state where the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue. This is typically due to hormonal changes or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. Many elderly suffering from this chronic illness are in Assisted Living Facilities in hopes of living a comfortable life.

The importance of eating well plays a key role in improving our bone’s health as we age. A reliable Nursing home in Oxnard, California can help you choose the best diet that enables individuals to not just live longer but also keep a sharp mind and feel better in their bodies. What vitamins and minerals do you need to improve your bone’s health?

  • Calcium.
    This mineral is very important in keeping the bones healthy. If you don’t eat enough calcium, your body will take away the calcium stored in your bones to be used in other parts of the body, leaving the bones brittle. Good sources of calcium are milk, cheese, leafy greens, beans, almonds, salmon, and sardines.
  • Vitamin D.
    This vitamin key role in keeping the bones healthy is that it helps the body absorb calcium better from the food you eat. The best source of this vitamin is the light from the sun. Foods that provide Vitamin D are cheese, egg yolks, fatty fish, mushrooms, and cod liver oil.
  • Magnesium.
    This mineral is necessary for converting Vitamin D to the active form for the body to metabolize other minerals such as Calcium. Good sources of magnesium are nuts, fish, lentils, dried fruits, and whole grains.

Conejo Valley Congregate Healthcare, Inc. provides the best Healthcare in California for you and your elderly loved one. Their staff can assist seniors with their diet plans to ensure proper nutrition according to their needs.

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